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Corporate Communication Services to Elevate Life

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Powerful Presentations

Strategies and skills to help elevate life.

  • Presentation training

  • Increase Vocabulary

  • Virtual Etiquette

  • Interpersonal communication

Vibrant Vocal Vibrations

Learn skills to help maintain and enhance your voice. 

  • Vocal Preservation

  • Healthy Projection

Fluent Flow

Feel confident in the skills and strategies learned to get that promotion!!

  • Stuttering

  • Cluttering

  • Filler Word reduction


Mind Your Language LLC  is committed to helping  companies/professionals enhance their verbal and nonverbal communication skills. With a passion for language and clear communication, Mind Your Language takes pride in providing customized strategies to assist in achieving communication goals in the corporate world.

    "Our mission is to Elevate Life"

   - CEO, Chauntae John-Toussaint 




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Chauntae received her Bachelor's of Arts degree at the University of Central Florida in 2006, and in 2016 she became an alumna of Howard University; each degree in  Communication Sciences and Disorders. Additionally, she is accredited by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association 


Chauntae has experience in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of various cognitive, communication, and swallowing disorders, ranging across a life-span, and has worked in the school, private practice, and Skilled Nursing Facility settings. All of this experience and knowledge has been implemented here at Mind Your Language to empower and "elevate Life".

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